Next Generation of NemID is named MitID 

- and Signaturgruppen is still your strongest partner for online services!

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Signaturgruppen Broker

We offer a certified MitID Broker that quickly and easily adds verification through MitID to your digital services. Let our broker handle the technical nuances of user validation. You can focus on delivering first-class service while we ensure that MitID integration works seamlessly on your platform.

With our long history, Signaturgruppen Broker supports all variants and full business functionality from the MitID and Nemlog-in3 projects, ensuring your customers receive the best solutions through long-term partnerships and innovative business development.



Forsikring & Pension

Forsikring & Pension has chosen Nets eID Broker for the next generation of NemID.

In the spring of 2020, the industry organization Forsikring & Pension carried out a tender for the delivery of the upcoming MitID private identities and NemLogin-in3 business identities to the organization's members.

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Signaturgruppen has completed MitID certification

Signaturgruppen is now the first MitID Broker to announce that it has completed the last half of the MitID certification. Therefore, Signaturgruppen's "Nets eID Broker" is now ready to go into operation at MitID Go-Live on May 6th!

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Are you already a NemID service provider?

If you are already a NemID service provider, we will make it extra easy for you to get started with MitID. Contact us and find out how we support MitID and NemLog-in3 with the least possible technical update and investment here during the migration period.



When can we get started?

Signaturgruppen Broker has been running tests since Q1 2020, and will release new functionality from the MitID and NemLog-in3 projects on an ongoing basis, as this is made available over 2020. See also the questions and answers section for further details.



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