Signaturgruppen has completed MitID certification

Signaturgruppen is now the first MitID Broker to announce that it has completed the last half of the MitID certification. Therefore, Signaturgruppen's "Nets eID Broker" is now ready to go into operation at MitID Go-Live on May 6th!

The security around MitID is based, among other things, on MitID Brokers carrying out a certification process in two parts, where the first part primarily validates that the MitID Broker's organization, while the last part documents the security in the developed business applications, operating environment and operating organization using, among other things, code reviews and external security tests from specialist companies in these areas.

"Signaturgruppen has been a strong player in this field for 15 years, and the MitID certification marks for us the beginning of the next 10 years of digitization in Denmark, where MitID will be the cornerstone", says Morten Storm Petersen, CEO of Signaturgruppen.
“We look forward to contributing to the infrastructure, and when we have completed the hectic migration period in the autumn of 2021, we see many new opportunities in MitID, where both MitID services and end users will have usability, flexibility and innovation in the long term cooperation with us”.

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