Partnerships er a central part of our business strategy at Signaturgruppen. We work closely with a wide range of companies, both large and small, to deliver MitID support for digital services.

Our partnerships strengthen our position as a reliable and experienced player in the market, facilitating access to the MitID infrastructure. We see it as our natural task to collaborate with others to ensure the easiest, fastest, and most secure access to MitID for those who wish to integrate and support MitID usage in their digital solutions.

If your company has customers who need MitID login and/or signing, a partnership with us at Signaturgruppen can help meet these needs. With Signaturgruppens broker-solution, you get reliable access to the MitID infrastructure and a well-established partnership with top competencies in the field.

By entering into a partnership with Signaturgruppen, you have the opportunity to offer your customers access to MitID support when it is relevant and necessary.

If your company is interested in exploring the possibilities of a partnership with us and how we can help you support your customers with MitID, feel free to reach out.

Contact us at:

7025 6425