Regardless if you are building a startup or is expecting milliones of logins, we have the right solution for you

Service Package




Yealy operations and support kr. 4.500,- year Request price *) Request price  *)
Price pr. login kr. 0,02  + MitID/NemLog-in price Request price *)  
Document signing Request price *) Request price *)  

UX and design

Basic template

4 templates with options for changing colour, texts and logo

24/7 guard access, custom DP agreement, UX-branding, Enterprise agreement   streamline-icon-check-circle-1@40x40.png  
SSO, transaction signing, PSD2, API access   streamline-icon-check-circle-1@40x40.png  
User administration, rights administrator and attribute service   streamline-icon-check-circle-1@40x40.png  
Technical documentation streamline-icon-check-circle-1@40x40.png streamline-icon-check-circle-1@40x40.png  


*) Request price on email:

Current NemID price

Price pr. login kr. 1,06
Price pr. user pr. year

kr. ‚Äč3,30

MitID price information

The MitID programme has accounced new details on MitID pricing in November 2020.

See announcement at Digitaliseringsstyrelsen