Signaturgruppen Privilege Management

Signaturgruppen Privilege Management helps service providers and their customers manage privileges for employees with MitID Erhverv


If you are a MitID service provider and have business customers who need to access your digital services using MitID Erhverv - then you can benefit from Privilege Management.

By using our Privilege Management, you as a service provider can implement access control in your own digital services. In this way, you can help your customers to ensure that only employees with the necessary privilege, connected to their MitID Erhverv, can access your digital services.

It is the service provider that creates the necessary privileges in our Privilege Management admin-portal.
The customers can then assign these privileges to their employees' MitID Erhverv, also from the Privilege Management admin-portal. This can be done via a web interface and via a programmable API, so that business customers can automate privilege management based on their own directory.

It is free for business customers to assign the privileges and use them. The service provider pays for the establishment and operation of Signaturgruppen Privilege Management.

Privilege Management requires a Signaturgruppen Broker contract.


Example of a use case for Signaturgruppen Privilege Management

An employee must report pension data to a pension company on behalf of his organization.

The pension company makes a privilege available via Signaturgruppen Privilege Management admin-portal, which could be called "Pension Reporter". The organization’s privilege administrator then assigns this privilege to the employee's MitID Erhverv. When the employee accesses the pension company's digital service to report pension data with his/hers MitID Erhverv, the pension company can check that the necessary privilege is assigned for the employee. If this is the case, access is granted to report pension on behalf of the organization in question.


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