Update on Nets eID Broker - April 2021


Work on implementing MitID is progressing. Below you can read news about the latest developments.

MitID and Nemlog-in3

Nets have just released the v3 delivery of MitID in the preproduction environment and this contains all functionality and the project is now open for ordinary service providers to access and test MitID. If you as a service provider would like acccess to test MitID contact Signaturgruppen.

Further MitID is on target with start up of pilot operations next week on t he 6th of May.

The Nemlog-in3 project has announced a delay, and so we cannot expect organizations to start migrating up to the new business identities until January 2022. See more about schedule on Nemlog-in ( NemLogin3 has just released test environments for PDF signatures. We are implementing an integration for this and we hope soon to anounce its availability for testing.

Nets eID Broker completed MitID Certification

Signaturgruppen is the first MitID Broker to announce that it has completed the last half of the MitID certification. Therefore Signaturgruppen's "Nets eID Broker" is now ready to go into operation at MitID Go-Live on May 6th!

Controlled transfer and SSO

As a part of the completion of the MitID Certification process the Nets eID Broker has successfully demonstrated an integration to the MitID Controlled Transfer and SSO subsystems. If you would like to know more refer to the techincal reference or contact us if we should assist you in setting up a test. 

Updated Technical Documentation

We have updated the technical documentation to include more technical descriptions of the latest implementations.

Admin Page Access

The Service Provider Admin pages in the Nets eID Broker is now open in the Pre-production environment. This will give service providers the possibility to try out how the user experience and OpenID Connect integration can be configured. Contact Signaturgruppen if you as a service provider would like access.