Update on Nets eID Broker - June 2021


Work on MitID is progressing. Below you can read news about the latest developments.

MitID and Nemlog-in3

MitID has started pilot production and Signaturgruppen's Nets eID Broker is in. MitID is expected to be running the closed pilot until October 4th 2021 where ordinary users and service providers can start using MitID. We recommend ordinary service providers to plan for supporting MitiD for login sometime in Q4 2021.

Different parts of the Nemlog-in3 project are delayed including the support for digital signature. The updated time plan is available on the Nemlog-in3 timeline. Hence as a service provider you need to pay attention to the fact that MitID for login will be available before signing with MitID.

Test of MitID via Nets eID Broker Portal

Since the opening for testing MitID in the MitID Preproduction system through the Nets eID Broker we have been busy assisting service providers in setting up integrations despite the fact that the systems have not been fully stable. A total of 65 organizations have been set up with MitID service providers. Contact us if you would like to be set up for testing MitID in the pre production.