Update on Nets eID Broker - May 2022


Work on implementing MitID is progressing. Below you can read news about the latest developments.

MitID Status

More than 3.5 million users are now actively using their MitID to secure log-in towards service providers. Each week 200.000 new users are added to the MitID userbase and further every day a new service provider is added to the Nets eID Broker pre-production or production platform. 

MitID just announced that the date for when service providers can expect all users to have MitID is moved to 31st of October 2022. Read more about the extension at

MitID Stability

We have recently seen issues with the MitID Backend. Please follow our statuspage for updated information on the MitID and NemID infrastructure.

MitID Signing

Signaturgruppen is now in the process of enrolling the first service providers for the NL3 qualified signing solution which was opened for registration in the beginning of April. 

Besides this the option of having the user accept a PDF as part of the standard MitID authentication process has been added to the broker. See the user experience for this authentication based signing solution in our demonstration at or contact us for more information as of how this is set up in your environment.

MitID Private-to-Business

Some service providers are waiting for the MitID Employee solution to start rolling out sometime later in 2022. We will inform you when we have more information on that. In the mean time you can consider to take a look at the solution for MitID Private-to-Business, where a lookup in the Erhvervsstyrelsen register is capable of giving a link from a private MitID identity through the CPR number to an assosicated company. The similar functionality is also available for users logging in with NemID through the broker.

MitID Backend Updates

The MitID backend has been updated to the socalled version 7 and version 8 is on the way. Improvements to stability and user flows have been included in the updates. Please note that the legacy way of performing App switching in Android is discontinued for version 8. So if you are using app switching ensure that it is still working in the pre-production environment after 4th of May. The release is scheduled for production on 24th of May.

MitiD iFrame option

If you as a service provide have knowledge of the user's MitID UUID or CPR and know that the user is having the MitID App authenticator you can start a MitID authentication in an embedded iFrame. This is a new feature provided by MitiD in order to support online credit card payment confirmations. Nets eID Broker supports the new feature and you can contact us if you would like to know more of the solution.

MitID Login with Custom Theme

Nets eID Broker have been continuosly improving the options for customizing the UX for the login process. A long these lines we have made a first integration called a "custom web theme" for a customer who needed total control of the UX and who could not settle with the limited options in the Admin Portal. A proces with a Nets eID Broker UX engineer has resulted in a satisfactory solution. If this is relevant for your setup reach out and let us discuss the options.