Nets eID Broker update - May 2023


MitID v11

MitID will update the backend to v11 in production on 6/6 2023. The corresponding change will come in the customer-facing test environment (PP) on 15/6 2023. Note in this regard, that it is expected that WebView is not supported for app integrations. Instead, refer to the app integration description. Contact us if you need assistance. With this release, MitID supports the so-called channel binding and automatic app switch for mobile browsers. This is expected to be a clear improvement of the user experience in this scenario and increase security.

NemID extension for Business users

The Danish Agency for Digitalization has extended the deadline for user organizations to migrate from NemID Erhverv to MitID Erhverv from 30/6 to 31/10. This means that, you as a service provider, are still recommended to support MitID Erhverv as soon as possible, but also that you will be able to see NemID Erhverv users until 31/10. Technically, there will be limited operation of NemID after 30/6, but in general it is expected to continue. Read more at  

MitID Erhverv

The commissioning of MitID Erhverv is constantly expanding. We are in dialogue with Nemlog-in about optimizing the solution as more and more service providers adopt the solution.

MitID Development fee

From 1/6, MitID starts invoicing the so-called development fee on top of the regular MitID transaction price. Depending on your agreement, this may also affect your settlement of MitID transactions.

Transaction signing certificate update

Nets eID Broker uses a special OCES2 company certificate for signing transactions in the so-called transaction tokens. Since OCES2/NemID is shutting down, we will replace this certificate with an OCES3 organizational certificate. Service providers using transactional tokens in their integrations must ensure that their implementation is ready for the technical shift. In this regard, it should be noted that the issuer of the new certificate and the name contained therein are different from the old one.


The process will be that the updated certificate is made available in the so-called JWKS endpoint well before switching to using the new certificate. A new certificate is already passively present in the endpoint of the test/pp environment. It is expected that we will be commissioning the new certificate in test/pp within a few weeks. Keep an eye out for updates via our status page for details. When the detailed plan for commissioning the production environment is finalized, we will inform you.