Update on Nets eID Broker - October 2021


The MitID project is progressing. Below you can read news about the latest developments.


MitID Pilot phase

October 6th marks the end of the formal MitID Pilot phase in which the solution has been tested and verified in order to be ready for the migration in the coming months. Signaturgruppen has participated in the pilot and has contributed with thousands of logins and tests with users, service providers and banks.

Official MitID launch

On October 6th MitID changed to full production. This means that all users can now choose to migrate their NemID to MitID and start exploring the possibilities with the new national identity infrastructure. All users of NemID will shortly receive information in Digital Post on how to proceed.

Note that users are encouraged to await the invitation from their Netbank in order to ensure that the banking systems are ready. The migration will start up with different pace in the different banks over the next months.

Test of MitID via Nets eID Broker Portal

We have been busy assisting service providers in setting up integrations and testing MitID. More than 100 organizations have been set up with MitID service providers in the test environments and are getting ready for production. Contact us, if you would like to be set up for testing MitID in the pre-production environment or if you are ready to go from pre-production to production.

New options for supporting NemID to MitID migration as a serviceprovider

A new service from NemID has been made available for MitID brokers to assist service providers in handling user migration from NemID to MitID in a more smooth way. The new option is relevant for service providers who do not have access to CPR numbers for existing users, but instead only have registered PID. The details are, that if you as a service provider see a login from a new MitID user, that you have not seen previously, you can send the user back to the broker with an additional scope. With this, the broker will lead the user through a CPR consent flow, and in the end, the broker will deliver the PID number from the user's NemID to the service provider in order to facilitate easy mapping and migration. See the documentation or contact us for further details.

MitID broker Operational status page

A status page showing the current status of the broker has been set up. See for details. We have the ambition to both show details on the MitID Broker as well as general problems in the infrastructure.

MitID Signing

NemID and MitID are fundamentally different when it comes to signing. With NemID signing was built in, but as MitID is just a login framework existing solutions may need to be updated to support the new technical possibilities. Signaturgruppen has extended support for the MitID signing with Nemlog-in3, that will go into production December 6th. See details and how you can integrate and test already now, in our SPS Document Signing API or read more about MitID Signing at the Nemlog-in3 Signing page