Update on Nets eID Broker - September 2022


Work on implementing MitID is progressing. Below you can read news about the latest developments.

MitID Status

More than 4.5 million users can now use their MitID for secure logins against the service providers. This corresponds to more than 90% of the NemID user base (active NemID within the last 6 months). Every week, approximately 20,000 new users come to the MitID user base and in addition, we continue to create new service providers in Nets eID Broker's pre-production or production platform. Service providers that offer NemID and MitID in parallel experience that the majority of users prefer MitID. The Danish Agency for Digitisation has just announced that as of 22/9, MitID will be the standard choice when users log in to public service via nemlog-in. Read more at  

MitID Backend Updates

The MitID backend has been updated to the so-called version 8 and version 9 is on the way. Improvements in stability and user experience are among the primary changes. Version 9 is scheduled for pre-production 22/9 and production 24/10. Based on input from us and other brokers the contents of the release has been modified and it will be followed by version 9.1, which is expected in preprod 27/10 and in production 7/11. No changes or disturbances are exptected for service providers.

MitiD Erhverv test option

MitID Erhverv is the name for the employee login solution in MitID. It is now possible to test MitID Erhverv in our test system. The flow is started by identifying the specific idp mitid_erhverv in idp_values. You can read more about how it works and about the different configuration options in our technical documentation on under Identity Provider. To make it easy to get started with testing, we have created a specific document with test data. You can find the test data document here

MitID Erhverv production

Nets eID Broker has applied for permission to offer MitID Erhverv logins to the service providers. In addition to a technical implementation process, there is also a formal approval process. The formal process was initiated in the spring, but final approval remains. Thus, we do not expect to be able to offer this until the end of 2022. Note that in relation to the user organizations, NemID Erhverv is an option until 30/6 2023, and it is not expected that MitID Erhverv will have any significant volume until the beginning of 2023 as the Agency for Digitisation initially just runs some pilot tests.