User experience and UX design

MitID provides several options for optimizing the user experience than with NemID.

Signaturgruppen Broker offers a working UX-flexible package for service providers who wish to optimize UX design and user experience.

Signaturgruppen Broker Standard Service Agreement

With the UX-flexible package you get the full control over the user experience but it will require you to invest more in the customization.

To create a good user experience is a key point for Signaturgruppen Broker and hence it is possible to customize the design of the user interface with a lot of parameters. Simple changes like changing colours, headlines and text sizing can be changed in the service center. If more fundamental changes are required our specialists can assist you in a dialogue about how to we can meet your need. 


Our solutions are created with an accessibility focus and conforms with the WCAG 2.0 Level AA specifications. When you select colours in the service center it is automatically verified that the contrast (4.5:1) is complying with the specification.

MitID logins can be used by either doing a redirect or by showing the user a pop-up window. We have made a demonstration project to illustrate the different options for logging in. With the demo to the right and see which solution is most suitable for your project.

If you choose to go with the popup solution we have prepared a document that specifies how you ensure that the users are handled properly regardless of which platform the user is using.

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Lots of options for adjusting the design

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