Terms and conditions

Nets eID Broker provides secure electronic identification of customers based on recognized eID solutions from eID suppliers. On this page you will find Terms and conditions for the Nets eID Broker services including terms and conditions from the eID suppliers supported.

MitID requirements

Service providers who support MitID identification must fullfill MitID security and UX requirements. On the right hand side of this page you will find "Serviceprovider concerns" and "MitID Designmanul" that amends the general terms and conditions of Nets eID Broker services when it concerns UX and branding.

The MitID Security requirements for the Service Providers are reflected in the contracts between the Service Provider plus the technical specification of how to integrate to the Nets eID Broker. Eventual new Security requirements will be available from this page and also communicated directly to the Service Providers.

Download "'Service provider concerns' from MitID UX Scheme

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MitID Designmanual

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