Q&A - Frequently asked questions


The first time you, as a Privilege Administrator, log in to Nets eID Broker Privilege Management, there will most likely not be any employees on the list of 'Employees'. This is because the system first needs to "get to know the employees."

The system does this when an employee uses their Business MitID to log in to a service provider using Nets eID Broker Privilege Management for the first time. This means that if an employee has been granted a privilege, for example, to access pension data at a pension company that the employee's organization is a customer of, the employee will subsequently appear on the list of 'Employees' in the Nets eID Broker Privilege Management admin portal as soon as the employee has used their assigned privilege - in other words, logged in with their Business MitID at the pension company.

You need to log in to Business MitID and locate the relevant user. By clicking on the user, an overview of user information is displayed, including the user's UUID and/or RID number.

You can also visit the self-service portal at: www.medarbejdersignatur.dk and search for the employee to retrieve the RID number.


If the sole privilege administrator is no longer in a position to log in to the Nets eID Broker Privilege Management admin portal and transfer administrator privileges to a new employee -
you will need to contact your service provider, who can assist in deactivating the existing administrator. 

When the administrator is deactivated a new onboarding flow can begin. See more on how to onboard a new privilege administrator here