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65 of the Nordics' most talented in development, data science & design.

We have extensive experience in implementing complex solutions with security, accessibility, scalability, and user-friendliness in focus. Among other things, we have created,,, and we have implemented solutions for several banks and pension companies. We have also worked closely with Nets, the Danish Agency for Digitisation, the Center for Cyber Security, and KMD in the development of critical web applications.

Therefore, we have broad experience in implementing and testing MitID (and previously NemID), Unilogin, SSO, signing, GDPR, data security, cloud, and everything around it, and can both advise on and implement both web solutions and apps.

We are located in Østerbro in the old KTAS central, where we have designed and developed digital solutions for over 25 years. Until 2017, we were two different companies: In2media, which created groundbreaking user-centered design, and Insilico, which was one of the first app development companies in Denmark, also focusing on complex websites and security. In 2017, we were acquired, merged, and became Charlie Tango.

It is central to our DNA that we are not born out of either Tech or Design but stand equally strong on both legs. For the same reason, the name Charlie Tango stands for Creativity and Technology. Today, we are owned by the Danish company KMD, with whom we collaborate on the development of many of their large and critical solutions, e.g., within energy, life, and pensions, as well as the public sector. In 2018, KMD and Charlie Tango were acquired by the Japanese NEC (Nippon Electronic Company). With that, we gained access to an inspiring world of Japanese design tradition and NEC labs, which house some of the world's leading AI experts.

Our approach when designing and developing new solutions is to focus on the sweet spot between people, technology, business, and the planet. This means that we think user-centered and sustainable and strive for smart technical and value-creating solutions. We never launch a solution without considering how we can measure whether the solution performs. This creates a basis for future improvements. We work in teams consisting of different professional backgrounds and highly value informality. It is important to us that going to work is fun.

If you want to hear more, have a cup of coffee, or just discuss your challenges, feel free to contact our CTO, Daniel Llorente Tabor, at or visit our website here: