Nets eID Broker update - June 2023


MitID v11

MitIDs v11 is scheduled to enter production on the 6th of June. As a starting point, the automatic app switch mechanism on the mobile platform will be enabled for all service providers. If you as a service provider have/get problems with the mechanism, we can manually turn it off for specific integrations. Please note that we charge an administrative fee for this manual work. Contact our support function if interested. Send an email identifying the service provider organization and relevant client ID to be exempted.

MitID App-switch document update

Several of our service providers who use MitID directly in their own mobile app have had problems implementing all aspects of the so-called appswitch. Therefore, we have expanded and adjusted our documentation for this and recommend all service providers who have a mobile app to review the document to ensure that you have the optimal implementation. Find the document under documentation on our website: 

Transaction signing certificate update

Nets eID Broker uses a special OCES2 company certificate for signing transactions in the so-called transaction tokens. Since OCES2 shuts down, we will replace this certificate with an OCES3 organization certificate. Service providers using transactional tokens in their integrations must ensure that their implementation is ready for the technical shift. In this regard, one should be aware that the issuer of the new certificate and the name contained therein are different than in the old one.

The new certificate has been issued and is inserted into the JWKS endpoint on 7th of June. The new certificate will be used in active operation from the 15th of June. Note in this connection that the handling of OCSP in this context is different in OCES3 than in OCES2, so if you use OCSP actively, you should be aware of this. The corresponding change has been implemented in the PP/test environment.