Nets eID Broker update - October2023


NemID Shutdown - Service Providers Bid Farewell to NemID

Over time, Signaturgruppen has assisted numerous service providers in implementing NemID login capabilities. Many of these providers have transitioned to MitID, with us supporting both NemID and MitID through the broker.

NemID is shutting down on the 31st of October and MitID will be the only solution going forward. For service providers seeking control over NemID shutdown, we recommend self-deconfiguring NemID from their service. If using the broker, IdP configuration can be modified in the admin panel, or managed from the application by excluding NemID from the idp_values.

For service providers using the broker for NemID, after the NemID shutdown at the end of October, we will implement an automatic block for NemID. Regardless of its configuration or explicit requests with idp_values, NemID will not initiate. This ensures a smooth user experience during the shutdown.

Furthermore, we do not anticipate disruptions in service operations on Nets eID Broker due to the NemID shutdown.

MitID v12 Deployment on 17/10

MitID has announced the deployment of MitID v12 starting at 02:00 CET on 17/10 2023. We do not anticipate challenges for service providers as this update primarily includes optimizations relevant to users and their registration.

Please note that a disruption of up to 30 minutes in the MitID service is expected from 02:10

Service Provider-Specific Logo in MitID App

MitID recommends that service providers take advantage of the option to incorporate a service provider-specific logo into the MitID App. This ensures a strong continuation of the service provider's branding and enhances security by allowing users to visually confirm that the transaction they are approving is as expected.

We have integrated a validator in the admin portal to easily confirm that an SVG-format logo adheres to MitID's technical guidelines. The validator is accessible when service providers log into the admin portal. Once validated, simply send the file to our support for final configuration in MitID.

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