Nets eID Broker Privilege Management

Are you a business customer of a service provider that uses Nets eID Broker Privilege Management?


Through Nets eID Broker Privilege Management, you can search for specific privileges provided by the service provider you are a customer of and assign the relevant privileges to your employees' MitID Erhverv profile.

A Privilege Administrator is the person in your organization who is appointed to be in charge of assigning and managing the privileges of the employees and possibly the external business partners that needs access to the service providers' digital services.

It’s the service provider that creates and makes the necessary privileges available in Nets eID Broker Privilege Management admin portal. It is free for you, as a user organization, to assign the privileges and use them.


In the menu on the right under the headline 'Guides' you can e.g., see guides on how to set yourself up as the organization’s first Privilege Administrator, as well as how to assign privileges to your employee's MitID Erhverv profile and many more functions. Unfortunately, the guides is only available in Danish at the moment – but there are screenshots of most processes that could be helpful.

Go to 'Get Access' and log in with either your private MitID or MitID Erhverv to start the process of you becoming a Privilege Administrator for your organization.

If you have already been set up as a Privilege Administrator, you can simply 'Go to login' and start assigning privileges to your employees' MitID Erhverv.




If you have questions in connection with onboarding or login, you must contact the service provider whose privileges you wish to assign to your employees' MitID Erhverv.