Nets eID Broker update - August 2023


Optimization of MitID Business Flow

We have adjusted our flow for MitID Business, so that in cases where a user has multiple business identities during login or allows private identities, a selection page will be displayed. This selection page is equivalent to what users are accustomed to seeing in connection with logins on NemLog-in.

Please note that as a service provider on MitID Business, it can be advantageous to use "ssn" in the scope. This enables the retrieval of all identities from MitID Business by utilizing the user's CPR (Civil Personal Registration) information. If CPR is not included in the flow, there is a risk that users who have not explicitly migrated to MitID Business will not be offered the choice of their business identities when using their private MitID. This is due to NemLog-in automatically associating implicit MitID Business identities based on inquiries to the Danish Business Authority.

Support for Local IdP in MitID Business

The implementation of MitID Business at Nets eID Broker now supports the growing group of user organizations using a so-called Local IdP when users log in with "MitID Business". As a service provider, you will receive the same claims as you normally would when a MitID Business user logs in. Furthermore, the MitID client will not require any additional space beyond what is customary, so there is no need to make changes to the implementation for service providers.

We have tested the solution over the past few weeks and expect it to go into production on Monday, August 28th. You can follow the progress at for specific deployment details.

Please note that a Local IdP may vary from vendor to vendor, but it is not intended to pose an issue for individual service providers receiving logins. Users encountering issues should instead be directed to report errors to their internal IT department or local IdP provider.

Input about MitID

The Danish Agency for Digitalisation has prepared a questionnaire that they hope you, as MitID service providers, will use to provide them with important information about the further development of MitID. The deadline for responses is already September 1st, 2023.

The questionnaire, which is in English, can be accessed via the following link: