Nets eID Broker update - July 2023


MitID v11

In early June, MitID updated to v11. It was a major update that also affects all user experiences in that the update includes the security mechanism channel binding. In general, the update has gone relatively well, but some service providers who use MitID in their own mobile apps have been busy ensuring that their integration was also ready. Thus, if you have an app and want to use MitID from there, please refer to our document on App integration.

MitID Erhverv/Business updates

Right now, there is a lot of activity on MitID Erhverv/Business as far as the roll-out of authenticators in user organizations and support at service providers. As we help in both camps, it keeps us busy. For service providers, we are busy with the first integrations to our Nets eID Broker Privileges Management, which has got off to a good start with the first integrations and enrollment of the first user organizations.


We have also seen the first connections of so-called Local IdP to MitID Business, and thus there is also interest in support of this among service providers. We are gradually ready with the support in test environments and expect to reach out to a few central service providers to make some pilot integrations immediately after the summer holidays.


Since the user experience is slightly different from that of regular MitID Business, service providers should expect that for these flows it will be necessary to introduce an extra IdP, possibly via our IdP mini-menu.  

Transaction signing certificate update

In June, we routinely updated the certificate we use to sign transactions. The update is part of our regular transition from NemID/OCES2 to MitID/OCES3. The update has not caused any problems with service providers.


MitID Erhverv/Business access to Admin

As part of the maturation of our privileges management, we have used the mechanism to ensure good support for MitID Erhverv/Business access to the administration portal. If you want to access the administration portal to manage your MitID broker integration, you can contact our support. Send us an email stating CVR/RID or MitID Erhverv UUID/PPI for the users who need access.