Nets eID Broker update - January 2024

Broker TLS/SSL Server Certificate Chain

Endpoints at MitID and Nets eID Broker are protected with TLS/SSL based on server certificates using Let's Encrypt.

The certificate chain presented has so far been, for example,

<> -> R3 -> ISRG Root X1

From February 8th onwards, this will change, and new certificates will be issued and presented exclusively with the chain

<> -> R3

The issuing CA 'R3' is issued by 'ISRG Root X1' and is in the trust store on all modern devices. Therefore, it is not expected that the change will cause problems. However, since there may be integrations that do not have correct/updated trust in their keystores or otherwise may not immediately support this automatically, we are conducting a controlled update/rollout of new certificates for all endpoints for PP on Wednesday, January 17. Production will follow from February 8.

As a service provider, you should verify that your integration continues to work in the PP environment after January 18th to ensure that there will be no issues for the corresponding integration in production.


MitID v13 Deployment

MitID has planned the upcoming update of the infrastructure for v13. The details of the update will be released in the near future. It is not expected that MitID v13 will contain anything that service providers need to address but will simply include improvements and functionality related to users.

For the sake of security, all service providers are encouraged to ensure that their integrations work in PP after the update on January 30th, 2024. The update is scheduled to go into production on February 20th 2024. Follow our status page for updates.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Your organization may use our broker solution, Nets eID Broker, to verify end-users with MitID before they access your digital services and/or electronically sign documents.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback regarding the integration with the broker solution and your overall experience with our broker solution. As an extra thank you for your participation, we will draw a winner who will receive a delicious chocolate prize. Go to the survey.