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Tangora has more than 20 years of experience in professional digitization, web, and integration between IT systems.

The company is driven by well-educated specialists and enthusiasts with many years of experience.

Tangora's unique cloud-based digitization platform is the foundation of all their deliveries and makes it easy to digitize step-by-step and later make adjustments and changes to the solution.

This stands in contrast to traditional web-based solutions that require coding, resulting in more costs, longer development time, and security risks.

Tangora's cloud-based digitization platform is developed by their own software engineers at their development office in Denmark, and they are responsible for the development of all components in every customer solution.

With full ownership of all parts of the solution, Tangora - as one of the only ones in the field - can take 100% responsibility for the digitization of your business.

As a technology company, it was important for Tangora Software A/S to choose a partner who has control over all technological aspects, as the company needed to select a partner to perform MitID tasks for their often quite sensitive customers, such as maintaining their customers' employee and customer portals.

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Credibility is a keyword for Tangora :: Signaturgruppen A/S